Fashion jewellery brand Daisy London has had a great success with the launch of its Chakra Choker collection.

Initially launching exclusively with Mococo at the beginning of May as part of the jeweller’s anniversary campaign, the Chakra Chokers performed better than expected, with some of the independent jewellery retailer’s stores selling out by the end of the first week.

Since launching online and with all the brand’s retail partners three weeks ago, Chakra Chokers has continued to soar, with The Crown choker crafted in sterling silver outperforming all other products on Daisy London’s website in the first week.


Furthermore, six out of 20 of the brand’s top selling lines were choker styles when the collection first launched and retailers reported that the Chakra Choker collection has been topping customer wish lists as they begin the search for the perfect festival accessories.

“Chokers are the necklace length of the season and our Chakra Collection lends itself so perfectly to this style,” says Daisy London head of wholesale, Caitlin Mulford. “Customers are loving the opportunity to add another layer to their necklace game and rock that festival style.”

She continues: “At retail a clear and simple communication strategy has made it easy for customers to shop the range and helped drive strong sell through.”

Making sure the customer understands that the product is a choker and not a necklace was one of Daisy London’s biggest challenges at retail, with the brand investing in new pendant stands to make sure consumers could see the length of the chain clearly.

Visual merchandising also includes animation cards, stating that they’re chokers, and campaign imagery showing models wearing the products to give consumers an idea of where they sit.

Daisy London also encourages a member of staff in all stores to wear a choker to further showcase the new trend and allow consumers to see the product on a person.