Chalfen diamond training aims to increase retailers’ sales


British diamond jewellery manufacturer Chalfen London has launched a diamond training day aimed at retailers. 

Led by managing director of Chalfen, Howard Levine, the objectives of the course are; to understand where diamonds come from and how they reach the market place; to ascertain what makes a good diamond and understand what affects a diamond’s value; and to learn how to use the 4 C’s (carat, colour, clarity and cut), in order to gain trust from the end customer. The course also provides an insight into how the company designs jewellery, as well as an overview of the products and services available from Chalfen of London.

Yesterday saw the third training day take place, and the company plans to continue offering the course on a first come, first served, monthly basis.

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Speaking at the course, Levine said: “The plan for training sessions was here from day one.” The emphasis for the course, he explained, was to impart knowledge. “Knowledge is power,” he said. The course highlights the company’s ethos in diamond selection, and how, for Levine, one of the most important criteria for a Chalfen diamond is “all in the sparkle.”

In addition, the course addresses the difficulties and challenges that retailers can come across when selling diamonds.

Levine also revealed that the company is working on a new-look website, designed specifically to maximise the company’s web presence and to assist Chalfen retailers, which will be unveiled soon.

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