Italian jewellery brand Chimento has launched a brand new website.

Throughout 2018, Chimento has been strengthening its communication, brand identity and social media approach.

The renovation started with social media, where the brand implemented a new content strategy. This involved strong storytelling aimed to build a stronger relationship with Chimento’s customers and online followers.


Most recently Chimento has unveiled a brand new website, which will be the base for its digital innovation going forward.

Head of marketing, Laura Fiorillo, explains: “We didn’t want a fixed website to put some campaign pictures on, or to write about the brand history once every three years. Those things are still necessary, but websites overall are homes to invite hosts and to present the best of yourself in the easiest and most direct way. Visitors must be comfortable, so we decided to build a comfortable home for Chimento’s guests, where they can find information about history, expertise, and new products, alongside dynamic content and original insights about Chimento’s events, people and news, and specific jewellery and gemstone content.”

Each collection from the brand now has a dedicated space on the website, with customers having the option to search by range, product type, or occasion.

The new site also provides two new customer tools – ‘Ask for Price’ and ‘Make a Wish’ – which are easy to use and add to the experience, whilst building relationship and communication.

The Chimento site also now has a Gem Academy blog, that is regularly updated with original content.

Fiorillo says of the blog: “We believe it is very strategic for our market segment, with jewellers everyday asking us to get closer to them in explaining people the importance of gold and gems, the difference between natural gems and the processed ones, the value of a good design and a distinctive style. And this was the most direct, easy and effective way we found out to help them on this.”

Last but not least, the website also contains a specific section for retailers where clients can download content and pictures to use on social media and/or to create advertising campaigns.