Chisholm Hunter has delighted customers in Dundee by announcing that it will restore an iconic clock above the premises it moved into earlier this year.

The jeweller opened a store on the Reform Street site earlier this year after it was vacated by H.Samuel and has spent £1m on the project.

One of the first promises it made was to restore an iconic clock famous as a rendezvous point for first dates between Dundee couples. It is known locally as ‘Duffers Corner’ because it was the spot where individuals were stood up in some cases.


Max Brown, head of retail Support at Chisholm Hunter, told the Dundee Evening Telegraph: “When we opened our Dundee flagship boutique it was a shame to see a clock with such a steep heritage and so deeply tied to the city’s identity in a state of disrepair.

“With that in mind, we are delighted to invest in the upgrading of the clock in order to restore it to its former attraction.”

Mr Brown said he also wished to thank the Dundee Historic Society, which supported it in the restoration of the new clock.

Stef Lindsay, store manager at Chisholm Hunter, told the newspaper that lots of customers had been reminiscing about the clock since the store opened earlier this month.

She said: “We’ve had so many people come in and tell us about the history. When the original plans came out of the new store I think folk were worried the clock wouldn’t be a part of the site as it wasn’t on the drawings.

“When I’ve been able to tell them there is going to be a working clock back up there that was in keeping with the original they have been delighted, particularly with the older generation.”

Chisholm Hunter uproots H Samuel from long-held Dundee site