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ChloBo growth exceeds expectations following surge in interest from retailers across the UK


British jewellery brand ChloBo has exceeded its annual store opening target of 50 for the financial year ending March 2020.

In a year that has seen the brand secure a £800K funding boost for growth, ChloBo has opened 53 new doors since January.

In September alone ChloBo welcomed 11 more retail partners and 15 further stockists want the brands products in their windows before Christmas.

This year ChloBo has seen a surge in interest from independent jewellers and department stores.

ChloBo Brand Development Director, Andi Lee, remarks: “ChloBo has been performing well in what is a difficult market and retailers all talk, resulting in a strong demand for our brand. We make it easy for retailers to take on our brand and supply little and often rather than expecting initial large orders and top ups. Most of our recent partners have been reordering within a week or two.

“We continue to increase our presence in Ireland with now over 45 partners and are pleased to see growth in both Scotland and the South of England now really taking off. We are constantly introducing new products, refreshes of winning products and carefully managing our price point spread and I think ‘newness’ is very attractive to our partners out there who are trying hard to get sales in this challenging climate.”

Next month ChloBo will formerly commence a major rebranding exercise, which includes a brand new website and new product packaging.

Hints of the new-look have already been seen in shop-in-shop refits in the likes of Mococo and Fenwick.


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