British jewellery brand ChloBo expects to beat its annual target of 50 new retail partners, with the brand already having recruited 40 more partners since January.

The firm said that it had received ‘considerable interest’ in the brand in recent times, with many retailers having lost big brands and looking to fill the gap.

The company’s chief executive, Dave Rosalski, says: “Our policy of not placing too many retailers in an area gives the partner a sufficient territory to build meaningful sales. We recognise the tough trading environment we are all in and have listened to our partners in terms of supplying little and often and maintaining “Newness” in terms of product ranges and updates.”


“Many of our recent partners have reported good sales through and placed re-orders within two weeks of taking on the ChloBo brand. Most of our focus has been in completely new areas where there is brand awareness but no current store”.

Andi Lee, brand development director, adds: “We have received considerable interest in ChloBo recently as Retailers look to find brands that can generate additional revenue. Many have lost big brands in the recent past and other key brands have not filled the gap.

“They are cautious and do not want to buy too heavily into new brands until they know they are working. They do not want to be bullied and we have been told that ChloBo’s “Partner” attitude is refreshing.

“We truly behave like we are all in this together, we demonstrate that we understand their issues and need to work together for mutual success.”

ChloBo has been rapidly introducing new products, recently even entering the children’s jewellery market.

It has also unveiled a brand new shop-in-shop concept this year.