ChloBo has announced that it is preparing to restructure its offering with the introduction of new charms and unique designs.

Founded by Chloe Moss in 2005, ChloBo offers jewellery with strong philosophical meaning to women of all ages.

The new direction will mean the ChloBo core range splits into three catergories; Iconics, Boho-Luxe and Mixed Metal.


The move also means ChloBo will now offer its Iconics Collection, which features bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, in 925 sterling silver, gold and rose gold plating.

The Mixed Metal collection has also undergone a transformation and features the brand’s first ever pieces combing gold and silver.

On the rebrand, creative director Chloe, said: “The refresh really captures ChloBo’s core, with an up-to-date twist, perfect for the fashion forward woman”.

Prices from the Iconic refresh start from £35 and launches both in-store and online on Thursday 25th October.