The creation of Julianne Moore's Green Carpet Chopard X Gemfields earrings for Cannes 2016.

Environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainability are gaining even greater importance for Chopard’s co-president, who will host a press conference on these topics at Baselworld tomorrow (March 22).

 Over the last five years, Chopard has played a pioneering role in waving the flag for sustainability, showing that social responsibility can be championed in the luxury sector.

Now the family business wants to expant its commitment, with co-president, Caroline Scheufele, holding a press conference on the topic at 10am tomorrow.


Scheufele tells Baselworld:Gold and gems are not solely a source of happiness: people and the environment can suffer from the consequences of mining and gold refining when these are undertaken irresponsibly.

“As a family business committed to traditional values, we feel obligated to combat these negative aspects. That is why we initiated the project ‘The Journey to sustainable Luxury’ in 2013 and premiered the first Green Carpet Collection in Cannes.”

 After joining the Responsible Jewellery Council in 2012, Chopard began to make sure the environment is not excessively burdened by the effects of gold mining and that the people who work in its mines are treated fairly, with social justice.

Following on from the journey to sustainable luxury project in 2013, and the first ‘Green Carpet’ collection, Chopard went on to present the world’s first watch made from fairmined gold in 2014.

Now Chopard wants to take even bigger steps towards sustainability.

“We shall announce additional and very important details at Baselworld in the context of a press conference on 22 March at 10am,” says Scheufele. “We already saw last year that our efforts have been acknowledged by the big gold suppliers. This had always been our goal because as an individual manufacturer, our field of activity is naturally limited in scope.

“Now something that we believe is very important has begun moving. When one talks about luxury or about wanting to treat oneself to something beautiful, many customers nowadays want to be sure that they buy products which were manufactured under the best possible working conditions and with social responsibility. The demand exists, as is also proven by the commercial success.”