David Warren, international jewellery director of Christie’s, is to speak at the NCDIA UK launch in November, it has been announced.   

The talk, at GIA’s London Campus, is entitled ‘A fortune through my hands’ and will cover historic and rare diamonds of all colours that have passed through Christie’s auctions over the last 40 years.

Some are famous stones whilst others have come straight from the mines and are destined for the rich and famous. David Warren will embellish his talk with personal stories of how some of these great sales materialised.


The Natural Colour Diamond Association (NCDIA) is a non-profit membership organisation whose mission is to train, enlighten and educate the global jewellery community about natural colour diamonds. Since 2003 the association has been operating various educational programmes.

According to the NCDIA, whilst the public is increasingly knowledgeable about white diamonds, there is still a lack of reliable information about natural colour diamonds. The organisation seeks to address this by disseminating the most up-to-date gemological information to their members and supplying them with trustworthy marketing and promotional tools.