Chrysalis founder Andy Maine has revealed more details about her brand's deal with US-based distributor Richline.

Chrysalis wins new distribution partner Georgini to tackle Australia.

Australian company Georgini has secured the local distribution rights to UK charm bangle concept brand Chrysalis, according to a report by Jeweller Magazine.

With 850 international stockists, Chrysalis is breaking into the Australian market with its 14ct gold-plated and rhodium-plated expandable bangles, featuring talismans, lucky charms and spiritual symbols.


Georgini was founded in 2004 and has previously only sold its own sterling silver jewellery line through retail stockists, with two brand-only stores.

Georgini managing director, Gina Kougias, explained that the company was not actively looking to acquire a new brand but was approached by one of Chrysalis’ business partners.

Kougias admitted to Jeweller Magazine: “Silver Willow [a sterling silver jewellery company] are the original owners and creators of Chrysalis, and they have acquired a new partner/investor in the brand.

“It is this partner that had previously met with us at the International Jewellery Show in London. We have always kept in touch and this is how the offer to distribute Chrysalis came about.”

While Kougias acknowledged distributing a third-party range was new territory, she explained Georgini was currently in a strong position to handle the distribution of another jewellery line.

She explained: “Georgini is already established with sales teams, warehousing space, office and warehouse picking staff. Both brands [Georgini and Chrysalis] are considered fashion brands and retailers would benefit from the addition of Chrysalis in their stores. The concept is new to Australia and has so far enjoyed huge success and buoyant growth overseas. We believe that Chrysalis will have the same impact here.”

After finalising the agreement earlier this month, Kougias said Chrysalis would be presented to existing Georgini retailers before launching to the wider industry at the upcoming Sydney JAA International Jewellery Fair.