Preliminary report outlines pre-congress gemstone discussions.

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) has released its Coloured Stone Commission report ahead of its congress in Vicenza next month, highlighting some of the issues and discussions ongoing with a view to coloured gemstones.

The report was released last week by Nilam Alawdeen, president of the CIBJO Coloured Stone Commission (CSC), providing “an overview of the issues that dominated the discussions and exchanges between the members of the CSC Steering Committee throughout the year”.


The report covers the topics that have been lined-up for the various meetings at the upcoming 2012 CIBJO Congress, which takes place next month in Vicenza, Italy.

The congress will be used to edit the discussions and information given in the CIBJO’s Blue Books, which cover standards for the grading, methodology and classification standards for diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, precious metals, as well as gemmological terminology and categorisation.

Alawdeen said: "Due to the large number of gemstone varieties it covers, the CSC has always had its hands full.

“This year is no exception, and this is reflected in the full agenda of both of the Coloured Stone Commission Steering Committee (CSCSC) and of the CSC [at the upcoming CIBJO Congress].”

Discussions will include the addition of the terms “laboratory-grown” and “laboratory-created” into the Gemstone Book, as well as the proposal to add new treatments to the CIBJO Gemstone Book.

A full day discussion will take place on May 15, with the CSCSC set to cover a large number of coloured stone related issues with a small but knowledgeable forum of gem experts. The day will first discuss, debate and then hopes to resolve issues in order to make recommendations to the full CSC meeting on May 17.

Both meetings will be chaired by Alawdeen, assisted by his two vice presidents, Emmanuel Piat and Charles Abouchar.

The report can be downloaded in full here.