The World Jewellery Confederation, also known as CIBJO, will release its special Coral Commission report at the 2015 CIBJO Congress in Brazil in May, with advice on how to preserve and develop trading in coral.

The Coral Blue Book, which was prepared by the Coral Commission led by Vicenzo Liverino, will be presented to delegates in Brazil for their consideration.

Liverino explains: “The purpose of the CIBJO Coral Commission is to both preserve and develop trading in coral, and jewelry comprising coral, through the development and codifying of regulations and standards that promote consumer confidence and fair trade.”


The Coral Blue Book is the sixth and latest volume in the CIBJO Blue Book series, which provides definitive sets of grading standards for the industry as a whole. CIBJO’s other Blue Books cover diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls, precious metals and gemmological laboratories.

A CIBJO special report notes: “Corals can be treated to enhance their appearance, and such processes typically include bleaching, dyeing, waxing and impregnation, to enhance colour or the stability of the material. The Blue Book describes treatments and the methods .by which they should be disclosed.”

The 2015 CIBJO conference in Salvador, Brazil, will take place on May 4 2015.