Clarity & Success’ Stock Sharing software is opening up a new stream of revenue for jewellery businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company said in a statement that while online marketplaces for the buying and selling of unwanted stock have become popular recently, it has been in the game for several years.

Its Stock Sharing software, part of its Advantage Club platform, allows retailers to satisfy customer demand without necessarily having to stock every brand or product.


“Though this facility has always had its uses,” the company said, “now more than ever it is vital that businesses can allow other retailers to purchase items from them and not necessarily limit themselves to retail only sales.”

Clarity & Success showed how, upon receiving a customer request for an unstocked item, a retailer could search for the item on its software, identifying all retailers from which it could potentially acquire the item.

The system then generates an email to the desired retailer and the businesses can agree an offline payment.

The company said that listing redundant stock is similarly easy to accomplish with its interface.