Pearl specialist brand Claudia Bradby Jewellery has secured a significant retailer to stock its pieces stateside for the very first time.

The pearl jewellery designer has signed an agreement with American department store giant Nordstrom, which will see pieces from her eponymous brand stocked on its website from the end of November this year.

Nordstrom have hand-selected a strong range drawn primarily from the brand’s Beachcomber, Pearl Edge, and Couture collections, with a sprinkling of essential core pieces from the luxe range.


They have also chosen the hero piece from Claudia Bradby’s new signet range, the Signet couture Hoops.

“It is incredibly exciting to have this amazing launch-pad into the American market with a retailer that is known internationally for getting it right time after time,” shares Claudia Bradby. “They were driven by the aesthetic of our modern pearl designs, as well as our more unusual organic shaped pearls, in their selection, which they felt matched what their customer is currently looking for.”

She continues: “It is confirmation that the demand for a new approach to the oldest of gemstones is growing and I am very happy that our designs, which are all about modernising pearls, seem to be on the money for this growing trend.”