Claudia Bradby - Cirque

Pearl jewellery specialist Claudia Bradby has launched a new slogan for the New Year.

Looking to convey the brand’s ethos in a punchy tag line – Claudia Bradby has revamped the brand’s marketing materials to include the slogan ‘Pearl Power’.

With a mission to make pearls accessible to all women and appropriate for all occasions through modern and relevant designs, the brand believes ‘Pearl Power’ captures the essence of the company.


Eponymous founder, Claudia Bradby, tells Professional Jeweller: “As you know, I love pearls.  But not only is it their beauty and essence and adaptability that I love, but they are imbued with so much history and so many incredible stories, with so many fabulous and interesting women who have worn them through history up to today.

“There is occasional apathy in reaction to pearls, mostly because many people have only seen rather boring and generic uses for them.  I wanted to shake things up a bit and assert what I feel about them more succinctly, and convey a sense of what I am trying to do with my design.”

Since the beginning Claudia Bradby has set out to modernise pearl jewellery and change the consumers’ perception of the somewhat classic gemstone.

The theme ‘Pearl Power’ encapsulates the heart of the brand, and the heart behind every design.

Claudia Bradby continues: “Having started out to modernise, and bring a fresh perspective to the oldest of gemstones, the pearl, I wanted to convey the sense of power implicit in this beautiful gemstone in a neat phrase, and to find something that summed up what I am about design wise – from their amazing and fascinating history to the iconic women and men who have worn pearls, they are the most alluring of gems, loved throughout the world.

“My designs channel this power to create beautiful pearl pieces for today, and tomorrow, and for every woman; so it felt the right theme for me. I discussed many ideas over the long summer last year, and this is also a slight riff on ‘girl power’, a sentiment I am very fond of!  And as I feel very democratic in my design and have women at the heart of what I do, it felt right to celebrate this power.”