New 1,500sq ft shop features innovative hologram technology.

Clogau has opened its first UK flagship store in Cardiff, a 1,500sq ft space said to push the boundaries of traditional retail through its use of holographic and immersive technologies.

Alongside the technology, the store will feature almost every one of Clogau’s jewellery collections, including the soon to be launched 18ct gold Royal Clogau collection.


The technology featured in-store includes two hologram stations, the first of which depicts a video hologram of the Clogau Milestone charms and bracelet, as well as a video of the story behind the collection. A physical milestone bracelet will sit in the centre of the cabinet while holograms float around it.

The second is an interactive static hologram showcasing Clogau’s Fairy locket with a storybook sitting behind it. The book will be on a glass panel and the virtual locket will open and close as a customer walks past, created for the brand Wales-based 3D imaging experts View Holographics.

The store also features a bespoke champagne bar and will play host to a harpist once a month, who will be in store to play to customers.

Clogau managing director Ben Roberts said: “We’re a very proud Welsh business. Cardiff is the ultimate destination for us to open our first flagship store and as such we felt that St David’s Dewi Sant is the most desirable location. We have been looking for three years to find the perfect location for our flagship store, and are thoroughly looking forward to bringing our concept and store design to St David’s, which will be our shop window to the world.”

To see more pictures of the new Clogau store, click here.