Welsh brand shoots Heritage campaign at Downton Abbey location.

Welsh jewellery brand Clogau is raising a glass to its 25th anniversary, revealing a selection of new campaign images, shot at Highclere Castle, the setting of hit TV show Downton Abbey.

The brand’s silver jubilee year will toast its Welsh gold roots and links to royalty, with campaign shots that nod to family sentiments, filigree and the brand’s heritage.


The new campaign shots feature its ambassador, former royal harpist Claire Jones, along with models posing both inside Highclere and in the castle’s famous grounds.

Clogau brand manager Sonia Menezes said: "Celebrating 25 years as one the UK’s most successful jewellery brands is a pivotal milestone for Clogau. My aspirations for the campaign were to build on our iconic foundations and ensure the brand heritage remained relevant enough to resonate with our domestic and international markets and also create a platform for us to engage with a new audience. With strong Welsh roots and links to the Royal family, Clogau is a very British brand with huge international appeal. We now operate in the Middle East and China with plans for further growth."

Menezes explained how royalty and Welsh cultural heritage are at the heart of the brand’s past, present and future, with Welsh gold was first used by the Royal family in the investiture regalia for Edward, Prince of Wales in 1911 and again in 1969 for HRH, Prince Charles. The investiture took place at Caernafon Castle on the fringes of Snowdonia, home to the Clogau St David’s mine.

"This same rare Welsh gold has also been used to create wedding rings for some members of the Royal Family since 1923," she added. "The ties between Caernarfon and Royalty remain to this day. [So] I decided to set the Heritage campaign against the aristocratic backdrop of Highclere Castle, the home of the current Earl and Countess of Carnarvon."

Highclere, the setting Downton Abbey, has become recognisable the world over thanks to the TV series, something Clogau plans to maximise on. "Cultural soft power is invaluable when creating a campaign that will meet the brand building objectives across different markets and cultures," Menezes said. "It was a privilege to work at Highclere with their consummately professional team. Our creative team of Sam Roberts, John Oakley, Fingercuff Productions, Lan Nguyen-Grealis and Yuko Friedrikson were once again sensational to work with. Our fabulous stylist Marie Louise Von Hasleberg made sure we stayed true to our Welsh roots by providing elegant couture dresses by bridal dress designer, Stephanie Allin and simple, elegant millinery of Robyn Coles. The team at Clogau have done an exceptional job creating the campaign copy and marketing collateral.”

Clogau retailers will receive the brand’s new Heritage campaign point of sale from July 24. The Clogau visual merchandising team will also offer a bespoke Heritage feature window service for Clogau retailers.

The Heritage campaign will official launch UK-wide on August 1.