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Cloud backup service from Clarity & Success bids to protect retailers from data hacks


Clarity & Success has revealed its cloud backup service for jewellers – Automated Backups to Cloud, or ABC for short.

It reminds businesses that viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats to hardware could rob users of their data.

As a solution its suggests its cloud backup service, which is fully automated, meaning the user does not have to manually back up their files.

“Once it’s set up, retailers don’t have to worry about taking daily backups. We manage the whole backup process and can usually restore data the same day if there have been any problems,” explained Karen Russel, managing director of Clarity & Success UK.

“Backups run automatically in the evening after the store has closed,” she continued, “and we monitor the status and health of all the archives on the cloud servers, meaning the client can leave everything to us. It gives them peace of mind that their data will always be backed up and easily available, and it really is as easy as ABC.”

The company offers many other services to the jewellery industry, for example its stock sharing platform, through which retailers can obtain spare items from other vendors, or sell their own unwanted stock. Read more about the service below:

Clarity & Success’ stock sharing platform opens up new revenue stream for struggling retailers


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