Willie Hamilton to help draft code of conduct for jewellery shows.

By Craig Heatly

The CMJ announced at its annual buyers’ meeting in Birmingham that it is set to work closely with the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), with a focus on strategies relating to corporate social responsibility within the jewellery industry.

Willie Hamilton, chief executive of the CMJ, has been asked to join the CIBJO committee in order to draft a code of conduct for international jewellery trade events. He will be working alongside representatives from Vicenza and BaselWorld on the code of conduct.


He said: “We are pleased to report that CIBJO recognises the CMJ as a key driver within the UK Jewellery industry. So much of the work, values, principles and ethos of CIJBO reflect those of the CMJ, on a larger, international scale.

“Gaetano Cavalieri [president of CIBJO] is relentless in his work and his passion is driven by bringing together like minded individuals to work with him to achieve a better, safer, more ethical profitable industry for us all.”



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