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COLLECTION: Ania Haie hopes to be on-the-money with new Gold Digger line


Following on from the huge success of the Coins collection, Ania Haie is set to launch another all new range inspired by the same motif.

Age-old coin jewellery was first delivered into the mainstream after becoming a huge catwalk trend and is still at the forefront of every fashion-forward consumers wardrobes.

The new Gold Digger collection from the fashion-forward brand features an array of delicate modern treasures, all inspired by ancient coins featuring gods, myths and emperors from the past.

Bringing a modern twist and fresh appeal to this eye-catching collection, some designs feature a pop of colour in the form of subtle turquoise or black enamel detailing.

Each piece can be worn solo for a simple statement or to truly maximise the trend can be stacked and layered up for an on-the-money look.

View the Gold Digger collection here:


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