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COLLECTION: Astra portrays strong bond between mother and child

Astra Baby of Mine

For Mother’s Day 2019 Astra Jewellery is honouring the ever-lasting love of a mother for her child.

Looking at the bond between mother and child, no matter the age or how much time has passed, Astra celebrates the special relationship in three new designs.

Like with all piece of Astra jewellery, the Mother’s Day range captures moments and milestones in a woman’s life.

The new Astra ‘Baby of Mine’ design represents the beginning of a mother’s relationship with their child – capturing the joy at the start of the journey, while ‘Happy Nest’, which features a mum and baby chick, symbolises the warmth and gratitude children have towards the woman who gave them life, love, and unending support.

Elsewhere, Astra ‘Precious’ captures the joy of youth and playfulness, with the traditional symbol of the ‘kissing cousins’ telling the story of a memory held dear.

The New Zealand brand’s creative director, James Hu, shares: “In last 25 years I travelled lots of place around world and met people from different cultures and backgrounds. We all have one story in common – our mothers. My friend Alison lives in London, married and has four children. Her mother always worries about if she eating well. Mario Martine is a successful jewellery brand owner living in Germany, he travels around the world for his business and each time when Mario talks to his mother she asks him if he is looking after himself. My mother does the same thing. Each time when I call my mother, she always ask me if I am wearing warm enough clothes in the cold New Zealand weather. No matter how much we grown up, we are always the baby of our mum. The love from our mum will not change.”

He continues: “When I was 20’s and started exploring the world my mother told me that a mother’s love is like a water fall. It continues to give to their children from one direction. Therefore, the Astra Mother’s Day collection for 2019 is about the infinite love from mothers to their children. We are always our mother’s baby.”

Each piece of ASTRA jewellery has its story name engraved, and comes with a card explaining the story behind piece, and a gift card for customers to personalise their own messages.

View the three new designs here:



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