British jewellery brand Buckley London has launched six brand new collections for AW19.

The new offer comprises of four collections for women and two for men, plus some new additional pieces to existing ranges, Knightley and Barbican.

As Buckley London celebrate tits 30th anniversary this year, the brand has launched ‘Legacy’, a women’s collection honouring the success of three decades within the industry. The in-house design team have worked hard to create the perfect collection to reflect on the Buckley London story thus far. The luxe design and high-quality gold plating of this collection makes it the most premium of the season. The faceted metal designs have a nod to the 80’s, the decade in which the brand originated, whilst offering a contemporary twist.


“Not only does this represent the remarkable journey of the brand over the past 30 years, but also symbolises our diverse following, bridging the gap between customers both long-standing and new,” remarks the company.

Amongst the other brand new women’s collections this season is ‘Muse’, one of the largest collections of the season with nine pieces of gold-plated, hexagonal profiles, some of which are adorned with semi-precious rose quartz. This Muse collection is inspired by the nine Muses of ancient Greek mythology, symbolising inspiration, knowledge and creativity which each piece of jewellery representing each of the Greek goddesses.

Buckley London taps into current trends with the addition of the new silver-plated collection, Stargazer, designed to balance the trend of gold tones which has continued to flow throughout the previous two seasons. This six-piece collection includes an interchangeable pendant and a charm necklace, earrings and wristwear, each showcasing intricately detailed charms in semi-precious stones, crystals and symbolic designs.

Launching alongside the women’s collections are two new collections for male customers, including Axel, a collection of pendants, wristwear and cufflinks incorporating hexagonal shapes combined with materials such as leather and mesh steel, in hematite and rhodium tones. The angular profiles and enamel detailing gives a real industrial feel with a modern edge.

The new Harley collection has been designed with a bold, masculine characteristic, pushing the boundaries of traditional men’s jewellery. Layered up or worn alone, this range of pendants, rings and wrist-wear crafted from stainless steel, finished in black and silver tones, aims to stand out.

Design director for Buckley London, Christina Lenihan, shares: “We received such an outstanding response from exclusively launching our brand-new AW19 range in Singapore that we are looking forward to launching the range to our customers now more than ever before. The innovative design and unique take on both classic and contemporary styles contributes to such a diverse product offering that we hope appeals to our entire following, both old and new. We are particularly excited to be launching the commemorative 30th anniversary collection, Legacy, which encapsulates the Buckley London journey from the very beginning to where we are now. We hope our customers cherish it as much as we do.”

Take a look at some of the new products here: