Luxury jewellery house Chopard has unveiled a new ‘Magical Setting’ collection.

As the name suggests, the line features jewels created with an innovative secret setting that allows the diamonds and gemstones to shine brighter than ever before.

In the company’s re-imagining of one of the classic floral cluster Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, unlocks the intense light and lustre of the stone’s used in each piece.


The collection offers a choice of jewels adorned with diamonds only, or with diamonds and blue sapphires from Sri Lanka, rubies from Mozambique/Madagascar or emeralds from Colombia/Zambia.

Each cluster is centred on a significant single stone and encircled throughout with other unusually large stones, giving the classic design an edge of bold modernity.

The dramatic light show performed by the jewels is achieved by an innovative setting technique, painstakingly developed by Chopard’s master artisans, and inspired by Caroline Scheufele’s long-cherished dream of intensifying the life and light of a gemstone, while enhancing the presence and personality of the jewel.

While the centre stone of each cluster is set in barely-there claws, the surrounding stones are held in place, as if by magic, with no visible means of support, and no metal visible from the front or top of the jewel. Instead, the cluster is underpinned by an entirely new and pioneering structure, exclusive to Chopard.

This means that the light can flow freely in and out and around the gemstones, rippling across the surface of the stones, unimpeded by the opacity of metal constraints, unfettered by demarcations.

The Magical Setting collection is an evolution of Chopard’s most famous creation, Happy Diamonds. It marks the next step in Chopard’s ongoing mission to set diamonds free, to find a new expression for Haute Joaillerie that will capture and reflect contemporary femininity, the aspirations and attitudes of modern women.

View the range here:


  1. Stunning ! clearly an evolution of the setting method used for the Sapphire and diamond bracelet given to Wallis Simpson, which had a central oval cartouche with oval sapphires clustered within, but appearing to just float, with no metal showing. A variation of mystery setting no doubt.
    However, this setting style will allow vulnerable emeralds around the edges to be damaged quite easily.
    But when all is said and done, visually superb !