COLLECTION: Garrard celebrates 15 years of iconic Wings offering

British jewellery house Garrard is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Wings collection with the introduction of a fourth design.

Since its first appearance in 2003, Wings has had added resonance through its associations with peace, protection and purity. These connections have made it a popular choice of gift and they are now enhanced with the new offering ‘Wings Embrace’, which uses shape and movement to evoke the feeling of being gently held within an angel’s wings.

“We wanted to explore how we could make more of the feathers in this design,” reveals the jewellery firm’s creative director, Sara Prentice. “We had in mind the idea of being comforted, cared for and sheltered by the curve of a wing.”

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Wings Embrace joins the collection’s three existing designs: Classic, Lace and Reflection. Each presented the brand with an opportunity to explore different settings, materials, shapes and colours, and for the latest range the feathers of the namesake motif are clearly defined through openwork and round white diamonds.

Pieces include a double feather pendant and tassel earrings and necklace, which move with the wearer, as well as rings that wrap around or flutter above the finger. Pink or blue sapphire beads introduce a touch of colour to the tassels, enfolded within the curl of the diamond feathers.

“This is a collection that’s both beautiful and meaningful, which is why we often see it chosen for important birthdays or significant occasions,” adds head of design, Claire Scott. “It speaks for you, in some way.”

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