Italian jewellery brand Giovanni Raspini has launched its AW19 offer.

For the season the brand is introducing five new collection – four for women and one for men.

Symbolic names nod to the inspiration behind each piece: Crocodile, Bamboo, Moon Flower, Maui and Bond.


Crocodile draws on one of the brand’s classic motifs , offering luminous, light pieces enabled by electroforming techniques . The detailed crocodile textures complement the simple elegance of the design .

The Bamboo collection has been designed for both everyday use and for special occasions. With a nod to the harmonies of the classic silver fusion bangle, Giovanni Raspini creates something new by mixing the timeless texture of bamboo with the electroformed tubular element. The result is bold yet light and luminous jewellery.

Elsewhere, Moon Flower comes from the idea of a dreamlike flower. It is a naturalistic silver collection with iridescent reflections of rainbow labradorite also known as the moonlight stone, shining among the flowers burnished metal petals. The final female line, Mini Maui, is inspired by brand’s bestselling Perlage range, and features moth-of-pear and hyaline quartz.

Last but not least the aptly named aptly named Bond men’s collection offers silver thread details wrapped around the length of the jewellery just like a ‘bond’.

Take a look at some of the pieces below: