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COLLECTION: Henryka plays with striped flint to produce unique designs

Striped Flint by Henryka

British jewellery brand Henryka has unveiled a new sterling silver jewellery collection adorned with rare and unusual striped flint.

Striped flint, sometimes known as banded flint or cappuccino flint, is a rare variety of chalcedony with distinctive dark and pale stripes that ripple across its surface. The unique gem can only be found in one location on earth: The Lesser Poland region of Poland, near the cities of Sandomierz, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and Iłża. This world-renowned deposit produces what is often nicknamed the ‘Polish Diamond’.

The history of striped flint dates back 150-million years, with ancient European and Asian cultures celebrating striped flint as a talisman of protection, restful sleep and resistance to nightmares. Described by some as the ‘stone of optimism’, striped flint is said to increase positive energy, revive the face and neck, and even combat shyness. Other tales say striped flint has the power to bring out the personality and rid the mind of the fear of meeting new people.

Every piece of striped flint used in Henryka’s jewellery has been hand-chosen by the brand for its colour, pattern and shape, before being paired with its ideal sterling silver setting to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Highlights in the range include a striking pendant, earrings, a ring and a statement bangle.

Henryka founder and director, Anna Emmett, sharess: “We are excited to expand our range to include more rare and unusual gemstones that appeal to our loyal customers and our retail partners. In-keeping with our ethos, these gemstones and gem materials will be hand-selected by our team to ensure quality and consistency. We are proud to share stories of these natural treasures with our customers!”

Prices in the Striped Flint collection start from RRP £140.

View the range here:


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