Messika High Jewellery collection unveiled at Baselworld.

Parisian house Messika unveiled a high jewellery collection at Baselworld inspired by well-known fairytales.

The high jewellery collection, which comprises 22 pieces in total, reinterprets ancient tales for the modern women.

Founder of the House of Messika, Valerie Messika, shares: “In a world where the role of women is still the source of much debate, I love fairytales that portray strong heroines who take their destinies into their own hands, showing their courage and cunning. They stimulate our children’s imagination, giving them ideals to live up to.”


“Rediscovering the beautifully-illustrated books of Gustave Doré, Kay Nielsen and, in particular, Edmond Dulac, I had the opportunity of observing, through adult eyes, the pages that had formed my dreams as a child. And because High Jewelry is really about
transposing dreams of little girls who’ve now grown up, I’ve created a fairytale collection of 22 exceptional pieces, combining freedom of movement with visual magnificence, allure and the modernity of our era.”

Combining a passion for diamonds with a love of fashion, Messika explores themes in some of the world’s most-loved fairtales, and gives them a ‘couture’ feel.

Themes include The Little Mermaid; The Snow Queen; The Arabian Nights and The Bright Falcon.

View some highlights from the striking range here:

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