Gemstone-led brand, Sparkling Jewels, believes in telling special stories and exploring new places with its jewellery collections.

As such, the SS19 line takes consumers on a visual journey through the west coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Understanding the stress and busyness of the modern woman’s life, Sparkling Jewels is encouraging consumers to leave all their troubles behind and imagine themselves in a South-European destiny, full of history and Arabic influences.


Sparkling Jewels states: “We imagined the women of today: busy, all-rounders. But sometimes this powerful woman forgets the most important thing in life – herself. We want to help consumers slow down and disconnect from the urban craze by inviting them to discover new, colourful places and experience meaningful moments.”

The new collection feels like a summer breeze with warm coloured gemstones such as yellow jade, cherry quartz, rose quartz, peach and the red agate.

Other colours are deep and tropical, offering a complete range of blue and green hues in the form of amazonite, green aventurine and opalite. In addition to the gems mentioned above, the brand;s familiar onyx, labradorite, grey agate and smoky quartz can be found in the collection.

Characterised by the inspiration from nature, Sparkling Jewels presents a new silver sub-collection consisting of a new pendant, two different kinds of gemstones and a special cuff with double colour gemstones incorporated in it.

The designs in the Leaf line are exceptional in detail. The precious metals are shaped in a way that is rarely seen in jewellery before and brings surprising elements. The cuff is available in four bold colour combinations, such as amazonite with green aventurine or opalite with the cherry quartz.

As always, pieces in the SS19 range allow for personalisation.

The UK is a market of focus for the Dutch jewellery brand, which recently appointed Micheline Graham as its sales director for the UK & Ireland.

The brand is also expanding its market reach by introducing both trend and classic jewels to appeal to a wide age range.

View a glimpse of the SS19 collection here: