Check out the collections from brands that have entered the UK market in the last year.

View the winner and finalists below:

WINNER: Lily Lockett – Treasure Charm Collection


Lily Lockett provides collectible jewellery for children. The brand is designed to bring younger buyers into stores to increase footfall. The company hopes that, as a collectable item, its product will ensure parents and grandparents visit the store often to add to their collections. It also offers special keepsafe storage boxes specially made for Lily Lockett pieces.

The Treasure Charm Collection lets kids attach charms to a safe silicon bracelet. They are able to grow their charm collection to truly express their own personality and sense of style. The brand also encourages its fans will be like its mascot, Lily Lockett, a young and friendly girl.


Angel Whisperer From Engelsrufer – Powerful Stone

The Powerful Stone collection has already exceeded the expectations of its designer, the brand revealed, despite a relatively recent August 2020 launch. It comes in six colours, denoting six different meanings related to the wearer’s state of being. Malachite, for example, signifies protection and happiness, the brand said, helping the owner to feel balanced and cheerful – something we all need this year.

YAA YAA London – The Love Collection

YAA YAA London had its national launch in June 2020 and has gone from strength to strength since then. The launch began with the overwhelming success of the Mega Rings collection in four different colours, after which YAA YAA London expanded the range to include the My First Love set of beautiful Agate Crystal necklaces. The collection also went on to become best sellers in over 20 boutiques across the country.

Zeemou Zeng – The Eye Collection

The Eye collection from Zeemou Zeng delivers a new take on contemporary creativity, with a combination of shapes, materials and textures. Each piece is designed with a colour-changing eye, controlled by a central turning stone. This collection of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets is designed in 18ct gold, either with precious or semi-precious gemstone beads that can be worked into the design to introduce different colour combinations and price ranges.