Brands have truly upped their ethical efforts in 2020, even amid a sometimes difficult year.

View the winner and finalists below:

WINNER: Kimjoux Fine Jewellery – Bespoke by Kimjoux


By collaborating with some of the UK’s most respected ethical gemstone suppliers, Kimjoux offers a fresh look into ethical jewellery, hoping to shine a light on it for a new audience. The brand’s ethos is focused on new ethical and luxury products, making use of natural materials that have been used for centuries to express one’s personality through jewellery.

Kimjoux uses coloured diamonds and gemstones with unique cuts and characteristics, and is introducing new designs all the time. It revealed it hopes to empower people from all walks of life to embrace their own, personal sense of style. In the Bespoke collection, the Petra and Iris rings have been especially well received by customers, and the newly launched Muse pendant is already attracting swathes of enquiries.


Anna Loucah – Acrostic Collection

A bespoke specialist design service working from London and Kent studios, Anna Loucah is one of the UK’s first Fairtrade gold license holders. That has translated into the Acrostic Collection and its Adore Ring, which also promises that its many gemstones are traceable and responsibly sourced. The stones spell out a secret message to the wearer.

Pandora – Pandora Ocean

In 2020, Pandora announced its pledge to be carbon neutral by 2025. At the same time, it also promised to use 100% recycled metals. Currently, all pieces of Pandora jewellery are crafted with sustainability as priority, from 71% recycled material. The designs of the Ocean collection fit in with this ethos, with dainty silver and blue charms depicting sea creatures.

Vurchoo – Studs of Hope

Studs of Hope is a collection of earrings inspired by schools around the world, and designed to beat the COVID blues. Each pair sold helps children in the UK and other countries get off the streets and into education. With the collection, Vurchoo took its USP offline and to people’s doorsteps, creating a range to support the high street and independents alike.