In the lead up to Collections of the Year 2015, Professional Jeweller have caught up with some of last year’s winners to see how the achievement impacted them.

Next, we have caught up with Brown & Newirth’s head of brand development, Gareth Thomas, to find out how the team felt winning Wedding Ring Collection of the Year 2014.

How did it make you feel winning wedding ring collections of the year last year?


For these designs to be recognised by our customers is testament to the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and isn’t always seen at our workshop. Without the hard work and dedication of our team we would not be able to continue to innovate in the market place and this award was further incentive to our team to continue to strive to improve our product offer.

Were you surprised the Pink Champagne collection won?

Not at all as we have seen a real trend back towards coloured golds particularly where complemented by white metal. More and more we see rose and yellow gold products making their way through our workshops as the market responds to a move away from the totally white metal trend that has gripped the industry for a generation.

In your opinion, what does it take to make an award-winning collection?

If I knew the answer to that we would win every year! For me there are two directions to go; commercial or statement. As a business creating our products at volume we need to always consider the commerciality of a collection whilst looking to innovate and push boundaries however, as a jewellery fan I love to see some of the exciting, creative and thought provoking statement pieces that have been recognised over the years.

How have you developed your jewellery collections in 2015?

All of our new product launches this year have been about key additions to our already successful collections. We have introduced more two-colour designs to our gent’s collection, added delicate floral collets to our solitaire offer whilst we have added coloured sapphires to our already vast eternity ring collection.

How would you sum up how 2015 has been for your brand?

Quite simply the most important year in our history. We have continued to develop our relationships with our incredible retail partners, implemented a fantastic apprentice scheme at our workshops, continually introduced new products throughout the year and launched our first ever boutique!

All of our energy this past year has been directed to creating our first ever partner boutique. We have been lucky enough to find a fantastic partner in Lumbers who understand and support our brand whilst being able to offer us the space and resources that we need to drive the brand forward. I really believe we are at a junction to how customers shop and can see partner boutiques offering the consumer the truly branded all-round shopping experience they now demand.

All this capped by a number of awards that recognise all of the hard work put in by every member of our team and in every department.