In the lead up to Collections of the Year 2015, Professional Jeweller have caught up with some of last year’s winners to see how the achievement impacted them.

Next in line, Endless Jewelry founder Jesper Nielsen shares how he felt when the brand’s Jennifer Lopez range was crowned Charm and Bead Collection of the Year 2014. 

Were you surprised Endless won?


We have a strong belief in our product, concept and the way we carry ourselves as a company and as a product, but you never know for sure. You certainly do not expect to win any awards during your first year of existence in a market with so many great products, brands and people. So yes – we were a bit surprised, but extremely proud.

Why do you think the Jennifer Lopez range won?

The concept of colours, fashion, fine jewellery combined with having a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez not only being the face of the product, but actually working as a co-designer. But our approach to openness, marketing and customer relations probably also means a lot in how we’ve developed.

What collection are you most proud of this year and hope to see win?

Measured by the interest from retailers around the world, our new Jennifer Lopez Collection with our first silver bracelet is a strong contender, but also the three string bracelets and our necklaces are becoming iconic for us. In general, we have developed from a product line to a strong brand. The competition is strong and it’s great to be a part of an industry with such creativity and inspiration.

How have you developed your jewellery collections in 2015?

Our DNA of bringing fine jewellery into fashion, sharing positivity, mixing, matching and being both fun and elegant at the same time will always be the base. We have introduced new leather bracelet designs in this season’s trend-led colours, a leather necklace collection to complement the bracelets, a range of new charms in unique designs, and the new J Lo silver bracelet. The combination of fine jewellery, colours, high quality and unique designs gives you a room to play and to look forward to creating something new time and again – both for us a brand and for our customers. That’s what we and our collections are all about. Being elegant, having fun and creating your own style.

How would you sum up how 2015 has been for your brand?

Busy, fun, challenging and full of belief in the future. 2015 is only our second year in the international markets, and we have met all the challenges most companies experience in a lifetime. We have also been blessed with more successes and achieved much more than many others do in the same lifetime, and we always work facing forward.

We have a strong concept, a high quality product, a long term cooperation with Jennifer Lopez and an organisation and funding that allows us to have high ambitions. But we need to keep on working hard and constantly improve. 2015 was such a year – and so will 2016 be.