In the lead up to Professional Jeweller’s Collections of the Year 2015, we have caught up with some of last year’s winners to see how the achievement impacted them.

First up Fope’s marketing director Giulia Cazzola, shares how the brand felt when its Wild Rose range was crowned Fine Jewellery Collection of the Year 2014…

How did you feel winning Fine Jewellery Collections of the Year?


It was a great satisfaction. Every day we strive to create beautiful jewels that we love and which embody all our brand’s values. Designers, engineers, craftsmen… it is a team work and everybody is involved. We work in Vicenza, where our company was founded in 1929, and we are very proud to sell our jewellery in more than 50 countries around the world. Great Britain is one of our very best markets; therefore it is an even greater honour to be awarded there.

Were you surprised which collection from Fope won?

Actually we were not that surprised. This particular collection represents a step forward for the Fope brand in terms of design and target group… It is also the outcome of 18 months of work of our R&D as each time we come up with a new idea we then need to find the best way to produce them, design custom machines which will help make them and test them for resistance and comfort. Often great efforts produce great results.

Why do you think Wild Roses is popular among retailers and consumers?

It is Fope’s boldest and most contemporary range to this date as it features an edgy design, very different from our usual rounded and smooth shapes. When worn they are incredibly comfortable, as are all our jewels. This particular collection is also very original as it features flexible yet entirely made of gold bracelets, something we have invented and patented therefore no other brand can do.

What range are you most proud of this year and hope to see win?

Even though the collection extension of the Wild Rose is something to be very proud of thanks to the new stunning pendants and rings, I must say that the collection which is making us the proudest is Solo MiaLuce. We have created a beautiful set of fine jewels which transforms the bestseller Solo collection into a unique luxury line. It is new and it also so typically Fope.

How would you sum up 2015 for Fope?

It has been very positive so far. We have had great results almost everywhere and women all around the world have shown extraordinary enthusiasm toward the latest collections too.