In the lead up to Collections of the Year 2015, Professional Jeweller have caught up with some of last year’s winners to see how the achievement impacted them.

Here, jewellery designer Jana Reinhardt shares how she felt when her Bloom range won Designer Silver Collection of the Year.

How did it make you feel winning collections of the year last year?


We were absolutely delighted to have won. We had been nominated in 2013 and 2014 in the UK Jewellery Awards but had just missed out on winning so it was fantastic to finally get the number one spot in the Professional Jeweller’s Collections of the Year competition.

Were you surprised with which collection of yours won?

We were slightly surprised that the Bloom collection was selected. The pieces which normally do best for us our generally our stylised animals or birds so we had thought if any, it would have been one of these ranges.

Why do you think that particular range won?

With the Bloom collection we wanted to take a very organic shape and use it in quite a geometric way. The curve necklace and the halo ear studs are good examples of this working well and I think that the finish, brushed with burnished details on the gold vermeil pieces also worked really well. Maybe it was just different enough from the other pieces out there.

What does it take to make an award-winning collection?

I think it’s important to have an identifiable style and a good concept but most importantly, I think you need to be patient and give things time to evolve.

What range are you most proud of this year and hope to see win?

Our Polar Nights collection is my personal favourite. Monty and Lars, our penguin and polar bear have been hugely popular over the last 10 months and I would love for them to win. There are plain every day pieces in this collection, but customers can also choose for them to be embellished with white sapphire moon and stars to add a touch of luxury. There is also a little Inuit girl with the northern lights sparkling above her head and a beautiful whale spouting a tourmaline and sapphire water fountain.  Something for everyone I think.

How have you developed your jewellery collections in 2015?

We always decide on a theme first and then do some research. Once we have a few ideas, I start doing some sketches or play around with images in Photoshop. And when I am happy with a design I start carving the piece in wax. Sometimes it looks great and just like I imagined it and other times not so much and I’ll have to go back to the drawing board. My partner Ross is giving me constant feedback/ criticism and unless we are both happy with a design it is not going into production.

How would you sum up how 2015 has been for your brand?

It’s been a fantastic year for us. We won a business grand at the beginning of 2015 which enabled us to move into bigger premises and we now have two employees which makes everything a bit easier for Ross and I. I can now concentrate more on designing new pieces which for me is what it’s all about.