WINNER Anchor & Crew, Signature: Anchor & Crew is the new men's jewellery brand causing retailers and consumers to fall hook, line and sinker for its colourful collections. What started out as family-run Derby retailer Identity spotting a gap in the market has grown into a burgeoning wholesale collection of British-made men's jewellery. The brand’s maiden voyage took place at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham in February this year, and it has since won 18 retail stockists and more than 4,700 followers on Facebook and Twitter. Re-orders have been racking up as retailers sell through the ranges, with one shop selling 55 of its bracelets in just a few months. The brand has also adapted its pricing in response to retailer feedback, focusing on designs priced between £70 and £90 - the brand's bestselling price window. This is an exciting time for such a young brand, guided by brothers Andrew and Christopher Warner who, being the very target market the brand is reaching out to, have understood what's needed to capture the attention of male shoppers. As a result, from the original and bestselling Signature bracelet line (the Union Signature, pictured) the brand has diversified into 15 collections, with styles for women and a recently-revealed necklace range, Windlass, launched just in time for Christmas.