This year consumers have been exploring different colours and making bolder decisions when it comes to jewellery.

Amore Oro raced ahead with this growing trend and launched a ‘Colour of Carnivals’, a collection of diamond and gemstone dress rings, earlier this year.


The ‘Carnival of Colour’ collection of diamond and gemstone dress rings are inspired by colour and created to impress.

Sales of the Amore dress rings have seen a sharp rise over the past six months with retailers engaging with consumers, encouraging them to have individual bespoke styles.

Carnival of Colour is available in 9/18ct, yellow, white or rose gold and with any gemstone combination, offering consumers the choice to customise.

The collection comes after the success of the ‘Splash of Colour’ line, launched last December. Much like Amore’s new line, ‘Splash of Colour’ offered precious gemstones such as tanzanite, amethyst, blue topaz and yellow sapphires in a wide variety of combinations.

The range retails from £450 to £2000.