Consumer interest in commitment rings has shown growth of around 1,200% since lockdown measures were eased in June, according to ethical jeweller Lebrusan Studio.

The company said that searches on its website for commitment rings totalled 5,378 in the third quarter, compared to 380 searches in Q1.

Founder, Arabel Lebrusan, explained why she thinks this is: “As a fine and bespoke jeweller, I am acutely aware that wedding season is very much on hold, which has seen a natural slow in the sale of wedding bands.


“However, couples have in some cases spent more time than ever with each other and now want to cement their love in ways they may not have considered before.

“A commitment ring says I am committed to you, I love you and I want to spend my life with you – it is an unequivocable symbol of hope for the future.

“These rings may be in place of a formal engagement ring or wedding band, or just a placeholder until things return to ‘normal’.

“Either way, at Lebrusan Studio we are thrilled to be able to continue sharing in the love.”

The jeweller also had some tips as to how to select the right commitment ring.

These include not choosing one that will compete with future wedding jewellery, but rather complement it, and considering whether the ring will be for the wedding ring finger or another.