Jewellery retailers are being offered what is claimed to be a faster and more accurate stocktaking method from a company that uses web-based stocking with third-party interface.

Bransom uses a cloud-based stocktaking module and has now expanded the potential user base of this acclaimed solution by providing a third-party interface to other accounts and stock systems.

The stocktaking module allows a retailer to import sessions in preparation for the stocktake. These use a stock file in a standard Microsoft Excel format, which should be available as an export function in most accounts or stock packages. Where stock files are managed manually using a spreadsheet, these too may be imported as a session.


This removes the need to print out copious pages of stock records for manual counting and means staff can use tablets to count quickly and easily using manual data entry or Bluetooth scanners if items are barcoded. Scan sheets with barcodes can be printed for all listed items to make data entry easier.

The tablets are directly connected to the Bransom stocktaking web portal and the work can be broken into areas, then counted individually to aid efficiency which also means shops can remain open during stocktakes. Multiple users can count such areas simultaneously.

Results and reconciliation calculations are instant, with several reports available identifying errors, variances and count efficiency, all of which can then be updated in the main accounts or stock system.