Connoisseurs UK has launched the latest development from Aloxia, an earring hygiene product that will ensure greater transparency on sales and returns between retailers and consumers.

The LOX Hygiene Seal works on both stud and hook type earrings, with designers saying retailers are now able to ensure all earring purchases are made with ‘increased confidence’.

The new products feature a seal that locks onto the earring post wire which, once removed, cannot be refitted, providing evidence that the earring could have been worn.


This product now allows the end consumer to see the jewellery displayed and not hidden inside a tamper bag.

Philip Goodman, director at Connoisseurs UK said: “We have found that jewellers have been looking for a solution like this for a long time. Some global power houses have warehouses full of earrings which have been returned which can’t be resold.”

He added: “This product is really all about supporting both consumer and retailer by offering transparency, making the return policy understandable for consumers.”

LOX Hygiene Seals could also enable jewellers to offer a transparent returns policy and service.

Designers think earrings could now only be exchanged providing the seal is intact and stores can avoid awkward conversations on the shop floor.

The regulation could also apply to online purchases where the end consumer believes they can return their earrings due to dislike, only to be disappointed and confused when this is not the case.