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Court delivers verdict on woman who switched £4.2m diamonds with pebbles


A court has found Lulu Lakatos guilty of stealing several high-value diamonds from London jeweller Boodles.

The 60-year-old Romanian has been found guilty, the Telegraph reported, of involvement in the theft from the luxury Mayfair jeweller in 2016.

It saw £4.2 million worth of diamonds switched with worthless pebbles.

Lakatos entered the jeweller under the alias of ‘Anna’ while wearing a disguise after making an appointment to view the diamonds on behalf of a fictitious wealthy Russian buyer.

While in the viewing room with Boodles director, Jody Wainwright, the supposed buyer ‘Alexander’ called on the telephone to distract Wainwright, giving Lakatos the opportunity to switch the two purses containing the stones.

The gems have never been recovered.

Throughout the court proceedings the defense had been claiming that Lakatos’ younger sister, who died in a car accident some years after the theft, had in fact been the thief. The court’s judgement, however, deemed this claim false.

Lakatos and her accomplices are said to have been responsible for other similar crimes in France, where Lakatos fled to in the hours after the Boodles heist.

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