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Cred Jewellery introduces sustainable packaging


Ethical industry leader, Cred Jewellery, has transformed its packaging to make it sustainable.

The jeweller prides itself on offering “the most ethical engagement rings”, and now it boasts of sustainable packaging as well.

Cred director, Alan Frampton, shares: “We are always examining every aspect of our business from our most expensive diamond ring to our packaging. Today consumers are demanding more, and the industry needs to pay attention.”

Cred bags are now made from FSC certified, recycled paper, while the ring boxes have been replaced with a sustainable timber and carbon neutral alternative.

Cred has counted the cost for combating climate change – and decided it is worth it!

Furthermore, postal orders are being be shipped in home-compostable, plant-based mailers.

“Everyone knows that we need to do more to protect our environment, the fine jewellery market has been far too lazy for far too long,” says Frampton. “Cred is committed to making sure we have a positive impact.

“The jewellery industry is decades behind fresh produce, being ethical is hard work and they are lazy. Cred’s new environmentally responsible packaging costs us up to five times more than standard packaging, but we believe in making the investment and doing the right thing. The threats of climate change are real!”


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