Cred Jewellery sales increase 64% in Q1 2015

Fairtrade brand, Cred Jewellery, saw sales up 64% year on year across its London and Chichester stores and online in the first quarter of 2015.

With an increase in customers asking about the provenance of the gold, Fairtrade gold wedding and engagement rings have seen the largest jump in sales.

Cred director, Alan Frampton, said: “Fairtrade gold is getting real traction now as more and more people are – asking where does the gold come from? Fairtrade gold is the only transparent accredited supply of gold and knowing that the lives of the miners are enhanced by the Fairtrade premium makes it the best gold in the world.”

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Cred offers consumers a wide choice of ethical and fairtrade jewellery. In the first quarter of 2015, Cred launched three new collections of engagement, wedding & eternity rings, all made in the UK from Peruvian Fairtrade gold with traceable diamonds.

As well as retailing their collections, Cred Jewellery offer pure gold grain to registered jewellery designer/makers via their website. The I Do campaign, launched by Fairtrade in January has increased the profile of Fairtrade gold, so Cred aims to increase the availability for more designers to be able to offer their collections in the traceable metal.

In 2015 Cred plans to continue improving the tracability of all aspects of the jewellery, and to challenge others in the industry to embrace the issues surrounding where gold comes from. Cred will import the world’s first Fairtrade gold from Africa this summer.




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