World-first content labels to encourage greater transparency.

Cred has become the world’s first jewellery company to fully disclose the content of its jewellery and the source of its silver and gold, with special provenance labels included as part of the customer’s information booklet and packaging in a bid to increase transparency.

Since 1989 it has been a legal requirement within the clothing industries to disclose the contents of fabrics and the source of manufacture. However, even with the comparably higher value of precious metals there is no standardised transparency for jewellery.


Cred was the first jeweller offering a transparent source of gold in 2002, and now becomes the first to label jewellery with the metal composition.

The contents of Cred’s yellow gold, white gold, Fairtrade silver and recycled silver have been independently verified by the Birmingham Assay Office and disclosed for accurate labelling. The company’s Fairtrade gold and silver originates in Peru, while its recycled silver arrives from Derbyshire.

Customers will be presented with all of this information, alongside all of the usual hallmarks, including the Fairtrade mark, Cred sponsor’s mark, fineness hallmark, assay office mark and date letter.