Urban Armour takes over distribution of silver jewellery brand.

American jewellery brand Crislu is planning to push into the UK market under the direction of distributor Urban Armour after nearly a year of testing the marketplace.

The brand, which specialises in high-quality silver jewellery set with synthetic stones, has been established for more than 50 years with outlets all round the world but has yet to push into Europe. While Crislu works with synthetic stones and silver it adds value to the product by plating its silver with platinum and offering an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all products sold.


Crislu Europe has been testing the UK market over the past year through a handful of retail stockists in the UK and Ireland, including Urban Armour’s retail store in Norfolk and Andrew Scott stores, and is in the process of setting up its first Crislu concept store in Galway, Ireland, which should open in the second half of the year.

Crislu Europe chief executive Howard Amor said that the distribution plan for Crislu is to work with established domestic independent retailers selling mid- to high-end product.

While the brand has plans to open concept stores in the UK and Ireland Amor said that these will be opened in conjunction with the local jewellery retailer in that area, although the stores will not be run following a franchise strategy – instead Crislu will help retailers with setting up costs but after that the retailers will not be asked to feed back a percentage of the turnover to the brand.

Amor said that he feels there is a place in the market for Crislu as he believes the future of branded silver jewellery will see it move into own brand stores and away from independent jewellers. He believes that Crislu can replace these gaps with a product that is less trend driven and more classic but that hits similar price points.
He added: “People are looking for something to replace fashion brands where the concept has become jaded.”

Amor said that Crislu Europe aims to get back to the values held by the industry in years gone by – “we will not handcuff retailers, we do not have huge minimum orders, we will not breathe down their necks, I want Cislu Europe to be a responsible supplier”.