Chains and jewellery to move above counter to boost store sales.

British jewellery manufacturer Curteis is set to push its Retailer Packages during IJL, a new concept designed to help increase sales of chains, lockets, earrings and silver jewellery in-store, through new countertop POS.

The Retailer Packages aim to give retailers better sell-through by making products visible, without them having to ask to see chains and other products that are often kept in rolls or trays behind the counter.


Claire Davies, sales manager at Curteis, said: “We’ve lost some space in stores because of the rise of branded jewellery, and we know that when are out on show they will sell.”

The company has pulled together its bestselling chains and locket designs to be be presented on POS that comes free when a Retailer Package is bought, priced upwards of about £260 for a silver chain collection that comprises 60 chains and about 10 different styles of chain.

Retailers can also personalise the POS with their own company logo, artwork or model imagery, something that Curteis can apply in-house.

“We’re trying to make something visual for customers,” Davies added. “We’re also offering something called our Fresh package that allows retailers to present a collection of simple silver jewellery on the counter that can be replaced the next season if sell through is lower than expected, therefore keeping it fresh.”

The Retailer Packages will include silver chains, 9ct yellow and white gold chains as well as collections of lockets and earrings. Curteis is thought to be the last UK manufacturer making lockets in the UK.

Curteis showcased the Retailer Packages for the first time at the CMJ buyers meeting in August.