Bad weather has led to rising complaints by customers.

Retailers have to deal with negative comments by grumpy customers.

Retailers are having to contend with complaints by customers fed up with months of rain, online feedback forum Feefo revealed.

Feefo has seen a soaring number of negative comments on feedback forms in the last two months.


The constant downpour has not only had a big effect on high street footfall, it has also had an effect on customers’ moods with a significant spike in the number of complaints and negative reviews.

Ed Lennox, Feefo’s customer services director, said there was a direct correlation between the miserable weather and the uplift in complaints.

“Not only do Brits love to talk to about the weather but they also love a good moan if things don’t go right, so when the two collide it can be pretty painful for businesses on the receiving end,” he explained.

He added: “We get around 1,000 reviews and ratings a day and ever since the beginning of June we have seen a significant increase in the number of negative ones.”

Feefo offers tips on how businesses should deal with customers and
make the most of the feedback.

• Interaction: Talk to people as if they were standing in front of you and make them realise that their feedback is important.
• Be honest: A rumour that spreads on Facebook or Twitter about your business cannot be stopped by legal means. There is only one way to respond to this, which is to be open about any mistake you have made, and be prepared to take action.
• Deal with it: Products are generally good but it’s the service that can be defining, especially if the product is exactly the same. A poor customer interaction may not necessarily leave someone fuming but they may not return.
• Bad reviews can be good: With the emergence of social media the way we complain has changed and bosses want feedback to come straight to them. Good reviews are great but bad reviews can help the business grow, as long as you listen and do something about it.
• Understand the power of the consumer: Word of mouth can spread across the globe in the click of a mouse, so excellent customer service is even more important today.
• Make changes: Encouraging feedback from customers helps reduce barriers. It doesn’t matter if feedback is good or bad, you can learn from it all.