Designer and her husband work to source fine, colourful gems.

A new online initiative called Gem Atelier has launched which claims to be the UK’s first and only customisable jewellery brand, aimed directly at consumers.

Gem Atelier offers clients the chance to design their own piece of finished jewellery by choosing from a range of sterling silver and gold setting designs such as four-claw rings, drop earrings and multi-stone necklaces. Customer then pick from a choice of semi-precious gemstones such as rose quartz, onyx, amethyst and blue topaz to be set into the pieces.


Gem Atelier says that each stone has been selected for its size and carat weight and all have been individually hand-cut.

The company was founded by Isabel Jamaldeen, its creative director, who has a background in fashion and design.

She said of launching Gem Atelier: “Simplicity is key for me and the collection is inspired by a combination of my passion for gems, intense colours, my travels and my own classic sense of style.

“In each piece of jewellery the gemstone designed to be the centrepiece and reflects the skill of our craftsmen and quality of our stones.”

Jamaldeen is partnered by her husband Hardy Jamaldeen in the running of Gem Atelier, whose family has a long-term background in supplying gemstones to luxury jewellers.

Gem Atelier claims to be the “the pioneer of affordable, customisable jewellery”, with the tagling ‘exclusive yet accessible’.