Cut sentence for Jamie Oliver-trained jewel thief

Chef who confessed to crime seven years on will serve less time.

A chef trained by Jamie Oliver who took part in a £1 million jewellery robbery has had his sentence cut.

Tom Baisden had been due to serve 25 months for the robbery at Southend Airport, where he was working as a security guard, but will now only serve 17 months. His sentence has been reduced by the Criminal Appeal Court which took Baisden’s cooperation as a key prosecution witness in the case into account.

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Former drug addict Baisden escaped to the Caribbean after the crime in 2001, during which he and two others stole boxes of Cartier watches and jewellery from the airport.

On returning to the UK in 2007, Baisden won a place on Oliver’s Fifteen scheme and was also a runner-up on Oliver’s TV show Jamie’s Chef. He was then planning to start his own business but instead turned himself into police in 2008 and confessed all, claiming the guilt was “eating him up inside”.



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