Company to pitch fossilised coral jewels from island to tourists.

CW Sellors is setting its sights on Barbados as a new export market for the Derbyshire jewellery company.

The British company has created a pendant from fossilised coral, which the brand claims is 40 million years old, found in a cave on the island. The coral has been polished to create a smooth stone with a honeycomb hue, which has been set in 18ct gold, that it has called the Heart of Barbados. 


CW Sellors managing director Chris Sellors discovered the cave when on holiday in Barbados and had a piece of the fossilised coral shipped back to the UK to test it out in the company’s lapidary. After discovering that the fossilised coral could be successfully polished and set he said that the plan is now to set up a retail distribution network on the Caribbean island and target tourists.

Sellors said: “I don’t really expect to sell it into the UK. I want to create an export market.

“The reason that we’ve called it Heart of Barbados is because people on holiday there will want to take a piece of the island home. We’ve found with our shop in Whitby that when they’re on holiday people shop in a different way; they don’t seem to ask for discount, they are just happy to buy.”

Although The Heart of Barbados line is targeted at the retail market in Barbados, CW Sellors will have it on display at its stand at IJL next month. Also on display at IJL, as well as at Ireland Jewellery Showcase at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast today, will be a new collection of druzy pendants with a point of difference – the crystals have been plated with precious metals such as platinum and gold. Retail prices for the druzy pendants range from £295 to £895.