Dainty, understated, coloured and unique are the diamond jewellery styles to watch out for in 2019, according to expert Andrew Brown, founder of WP Diamonds, a leading purchaser of diamonds, fine jewellery and luxury watches. 

Andrew Brown, founder of WP Diamonds, shares: “Fashions change, as do jobs, incomes and lifestyles. People tend to use these changes as an excuse to switch out their jewellery. We’re predicting these trends as we see 2019 as a year of individuality when it comes to how we wear our diamonds.”

“Dainty and understated rings can be worn in many different ways and never lose their beauty. And in an industry bursting with talented ring designers, we see coloured and individual rings making a strong come back and dominating the market. Trendy new designers are beginning to create individual cuts which is definitely appealing to the consumer!”


Here, Brown breaks down his predictions:

Dainty is both affordable and versatile

A diamond style set to be popular in 2019 is small, dainty rings. Millennials are big into this trend already and it’s now becoming popular with all generations.

Why? While consumer’s obsession with beautiful diamonds is undeniable, sometimes their budget to afford them doesn’t quite match. Dainty pieces of jewellery can save the day as a more affordable option.

Less is more 

The perception that understated jewellery is boring or not stylish is certainly changing. 2019 will see this trend get the recognition it deserves. In comparison to loud pieces of jewellery, understated pieces can add class and elegance to a jewellery box and wardrobe.

Finding the right outfit for work or social situation has always been a time-consuming job. Finding the perfect accessories to match an outfit can also be tricky. Loud pieces of jewellery can sometimes be seen as ‘too much’, so by choosing understated items, shopper’s have won half the battle!

Colour Shines

An exciting trend for 2019 is colour/ While yellow diamonds have lost their charm over the years, blue, pink, red and green are highly sought after. Pink diamonds in particular are admired amongst an impressive line-up of celebrities including Margot Robbie, Blake Lively and more recently, Lady Gaga. Last month Christie’s sold the largest (19ct) pink diamond ever for a whopping £38 million.